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Stolen Reflections

Anangsha Alammyan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When the last page of a book is turned, it leaves behind an emptiness, a certain kind of sadness that fills you up from within, yet leaves you craving for more.”

“Take me away - to a garden of flowers; a scented reality with lilac showers.”

“Our time together was the best yet. But even in paradise the sun must set.”

“If only there was a way I could let you know how much you mean to me, you’d never go away so far that all I can do now, dear is whisper a wish, that you were here.”

“When my pillow would no longer be wet, when I won’t curl up, cursing my fate, maybe then I’ll fly, feel alive again then somehow maybe I’ll get rid of this pain.”

“The world is as big as we dream it to be”

“The lesson I learned from her final goodbye: is for ego to live, love must surely die.”

“Oh, if you’re up there, I’d do anything to bring you back, I’d even sing the song of love, till it makes me bleed out love, darling, will you pay heed?”

“My dear friend, If you've spent time with me, don't be surprised when I tell you this darkness within me comes from you.”

“Maybe one day, things will change and I’ll learn to be happy in new ways. Maybe I’ll get used to living without you but forget you —honey, I can never do.”

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