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William Faulkner

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It's not four days ago I find a bastard squatting here, asking me if I read books. Like he would jump me with a book or something. Take me for a ride with the telephone directory.”

“You’re not being tried by common sense,” Horace said. “You’re being tried by a jury.”

“God is foolish at times, but at least He’s a gentleman. Dont you know that?” “I always thought of Him as a man,” the woman said.”

“It does last," Horace said. "Spring does. You'd almost think there was some purpose to it.”

“I be dog if hit don't look like sometimes that when a fellow sets out to play a joke, hit ain't another fellow he's playing that joke on; hit's a kind of big power laying still somewhere in the dark that he sets out to prank with without knowing hit, and hit all depends on whether that ere power is in the notion to take a joke or not, whether or not hit blows up right in his face, like this one did in mine. ("A Bear Hunt")”

“She wasn’t born for this kind of life. You have to be born for this like you have to be born a butcher or a barber, I guess. Wouldn’t anybody be either of them just for money or fun.”

“She thought of them, woolly, shapeless; savage, petulant, spoiled, the flatulent monotony of their sheltered lives snatched up without warning by an incomprehensible moment of terror and fear of bodily annihilation at the very hands which symbolised by ordinary the licensed tranquillity of their lives.”

“I am too old for this. I was born too old for it, and so I am sick to death for quiet.”

“The orchestra had ceased and were now climbing onto their chairs, with their instruments. The floral offerings flew; the coffin teetered. "Catch it!" a voice shouted. They sprang forward, but the coffin crashed heavily to the floor, coming open. The corpse tumbled slowly and sedately out and came to rest with its face in the center of a wreath. "Play something!" the proprietor bawled, waving his arms; "play! Play!”

“I have but one rift in the darkness, that is that I have injured no one save myself by my folly, and that the extent of that folly you will never learn.”

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