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Enter Heaven

Vishal Chipkar

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We are living in the falsehood due to the erroneous teachings of the society, community and the bordered nations.”

“Those who have failed to maintain harmony and love amongst others, becoming the victim of the ignorance, ego, and immaturity, will never be able to experience any further betterment or find the righteous in their future births”

“Let us take birth in our immortality courageously, the way lion walks in the forest roaring. Let us live the way the tiger looks for its prey, to search the Supreme Power in our godliness.”

“Let us face the dying process, being one on one. Let us make our life tragedy an excuse to seek the divine. Let us convert our life tragedy in divine will.”

“Before you die, please share your love with the unknown immortal existence which is in your body and unite with the divine to live in godliness after you die....”

“A sick mentality of insecurity is an unfortunate human-developed instrument that is bound with a social impact in the community and the nation.”

“the truth of our immortal life starts when we fail to test our faith in the process of soul-realization.”

“Your immortal being is already in omnipresence; you don’t need mankind’s assistance to relate with God.”

“You will lose the divine force in you if you start using bricks to build your materialistic meditation centers.”

“You have very limited time to understand the reality of life. Use it to the wisest way possible, If you are planning to live, dedicate your time to prepare yourself for Heavenly departure and at the same time come out of the social dogmas, come out of the rat competition, and dedicate your spirituality in high priority.”

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