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It Innovation: Reinvent It for the Digital Age

Pearl Zhu

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Creativity is a high level of thinking and intelligence.”

“An outlier does not lack knowledge but has the interdisciplinary understanding to see things differently.”

“To strengthen the IT-business link, it takes more resource to doing innovation, not just IT innovation, but business innovation.”

“The pervasive digitalization or IT consumerism requires the balance of “old experience” and “new way to do things,” the “learning and doing.”

“The industrial-based enterprise of the 20th century had run out of gas, and the digital enterprise of the 21st century has the new characteristics and DNA of innovation.”

“The function of the bridge is to mind the gap; the wonder of the bridge is to create a scene.”

“The essence of “Being Hybrid” is about balance - to keep things going steadfastly.”

“The digital philosophy is to live as “customers,” when practicing IT management.”

“The challenge is having a harmonized vision about management philosophy, capability, structure, and maturity in a digital organization.”

“T has to continue to evolve the digital dynamic and reinvent itself as an innovative game changer.”

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