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The Junior Officers' Reading Club: Killing Time And Fighting Wars

Patrick Hennessey

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The hardest thing about getting what you want is knowing what to do with it.”

“Perhaps wherever you go first is what you judge everything else by.”

“In fact, second lieutenants were primary-school teachers. Sure, teachers with guns, but a platoon commander was, nonetheless, the guy who sorted out the working day for 30 men under his command, taught their lessons, helped them with their homework, sorted out their petty squabbles and put plasters on their knees when they fell over in the playground.”

“Good general differ from bad generals only in the degree to which they resist the psychopathology of the very organization they serve. Norman Dixon”

“young and impressive sergeant mentioned that he was hoping to go back north with us because he had earned”

“we sulked and, in the finest tradition of bored soldiers, sat around throwing stones at each other.”

“What surfaced was the surprising power of our cultural heritage.”

“Violence is temporary, but learning is permanent.”

“The British Army has a fine tradition of being so distracted by what it is currently up to it stubbornly refuses to look round the corner, let alone into the future.”

“Military Annual Training Tests, which covered shooting; fitness; first aid; chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear warfare; navigation; and values and standards. One to five were pretty straightforward, bread-and-butter Army stuff, but values and standards incorporated the law of armed conflict, security, health and safety, substance misuse, and equality and diversity.”

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Book Keywords:

skepticism, goal-setting, literature, bias, perspective, bureaucracy, leadership, culture, discipleship, distraction, heritage, community, temptation, focus, timelessness, acculturation, maturation

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