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The Fourth Time Charm

Maya Hughes

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Sometimes it felt like I could disappear and no one would really care. It felt like I was a temporary fixture in someone's life until they moved on. But with LJ I felt like I mattered-always.”

“Tonight, I’d hold her in my arms. Tomorrow, I’d figure out how to deal with being in love with the coach’s daughter.”

“It was the real world, and in the real world, there were court orders and job opportunities, and none of it worked out how we wanted it to.”

“I know. I just…I don’t like losing control like that and I didn’t want you guys to think I was a loose cannon.”

“You’re going down, LJ.” Marisa glared with a smile tickling her cheeks. “Not if you go down first.” Keyton cleared his throat. “I didn’t mean…not…”

“Your notebook is upside down.” I glanced down at the lined paper in front of me and my stomach dropped. Scrambling, I turned it until it faced right side up. “Sometimes when I’m quizzing myself in my head, I’ll do that, so I can’t read the answers.”

“That's what you get for pretending to be asleep." "How is trying to touch my brain with your hair a suitable punishment for fake sleeping after being woken up by your bed-shaking snores?" Her eyes narrowed and she shoved at my shoulder. "I don't snore." "You're totally right. The fog horn must have been all in my head.”

“Only this time, I hadn’t kissed him—I’d gone straight for his dick. Stepping up my game. Maybe next time around, I’d grab a strap on and some lube.”

“It’s awesome you’ve got that fatherly instinct in there. Just sucks you didn’t use it with your own kid.”

“I should’ve been preparing instead of pretending.”

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heart-pain, sad, sorrow, foghorn, snores, marisa, l-j

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