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You Are Always Innocent

Maria Karvouni

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Only the guilty survive nowadays and present themselves as innocents in the media. And they make you consider the innocents as guilty. Fascistic! The only way to fix this is to consider the guilty as innocents and the innocents as guilty.”

“They use metaverse, virtual reality, video game technology to connect remotely to one's brain and body. To create a fake possibility of imitated life for a biased interpretation in favor of it by the inadequate ai detection system of "truth". For fake news and fake justice purposes.”

“They make you as they are because it’s the only thing they know and then they tell you it’s your fault because they are jealous you are better than them. But the truth is it’s never your fault. It’s their fault”

“The system has your brain. They evaluate it to let you. A mafia of established people, your competition, wants to destroy you and functions as Geppetto planting false negative things into your brain and body. Fake news. Wrong accusations.”

“People oppose you when you uncomfort them… When you don't reciprocate their actions. Or when you point their guilt. They tell bad things about you exaggerating. You can tell more bad things about them but you don't do it… to be positive”

“They shock victims… permanently installing electricity inside the body… They drain the thoughts from the eyes… They send radio waves to the ears… Silent criminals appearing as good & innocent… Secretly they abuse & frame.”

“They have secret weapons that break the heart of innocents, elevate stress levels, shoot down to make it look guilt. They can burn from the inside this way and make it seem natural death. Judges use them to force their wrong opinion”

“They detect 'criminals' by reading thoughts, substances and movements. Mafias create fake situations accessing the mind just before sleep and the body through shooting the feet with secret weapons. A paid actor wrongly accuses.”

“They code the human body remotely with electricity… To control fates… Cause sensations & thoughts otherwise non-existent… To trick the wrongfully considered as "valid" machines of truth that paradoxically no one knows about…”

“The machines of truth… judges have access to are not valid. Only hold thoughts …caused themselves with radio waves & electricity …separate phrases/words/letters …from external sources… Biased filter from ill-willed people.”

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