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The Grendel Affair

Lisa Shearin

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I was used to shooting beer cans off the back of an old washing machine, or at things that ran away from me that I intended to eat—not things that ran toward me with the intent of eating me. I’d found that to be a significant difference.”

“I stand guard,” Yasha said. He got out of the SUV and pulled a sawed-off shotgun out from under his seat. “And keep our exit open,” Ian told him. Yasha grinned crookedly. “Don’t I always?” He looked at me and his grin broadened. “Scream if something jumps at you.” I tried for a grin; it felt more like a grimace. “Don’t I always?”

“The road that went around and between the buildings hadn’t been plowed, but Yasha didn’t let that slow him down. He grinned at me in the rearview mirror. “No problem. Is like Siberia.” “You’ve never been to Siberia,” Ian said, his eyes still scanning for any movement other than our own. “True. But does not mean is not like Siberia.”

“This is the second murder scene I’ve walked in on in less than twenty-four hours,” I said. “Is that a company record?” “Is not even close,” Yasha told me. “Good.” “Though I think is record for newbie.” “Great. Glad to know I’m making a difference.” “And I know is first time SPI agent use tractor to catch killer.”

“Dragons didn’t fool around when it came to protecting things that they acquired—be it gold, gems, or a monster’s body parts.”

“WE were on our way to Brooklyn to pick up an arm and see a man about a head.”

“The second time, I had a freakin’ vampire at my back.” I froze. Oh shit. “No offense, Mr. Moreau,” I quickly added. “None taken, Agent Fraser. During the course of my lengthy life, I have been called many things, but ‘freakin’’ has never been one of them. I’ll consider it a novelty.”

“The guys were taking bets on the winner. Half were betting on the old woman.” Yasha nodded in agreement. “The babushka is a biter.” “Though nice style points there with the hat,” Calvin added. “We’ve never considered using hats as weapons. Maybe we should add it to our training.” “I’d break every bone in my hand if I punched you,” I said. “You realize that’s the only thing saving you, right?”

“So the owner of a monster head wants to meet on a path named Nut,” I said. “That’s appropriate.”

“Ian stepped out to where he knew I could clearly see and identify his tall, dark, and dangerous self.”

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