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Wicked Designs

Lauren Smith

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The thing about pawns," Emily said, almost to herself, "is if they reach the other end of the board, they become a queen.”

“Logic always ruined passion's best moments.”

“A woman in love can endure more pain and suffering than the strongest man.”

“That woman can still wield a switch to make a grown man cry.”

“He's a stubborn, green-eyed rogue who assumes every woman secretly wants him and just needs to be convinced of it.”

“He wanted to know her, possess her. All that fire flashing in her eyes when she thought he didn’t see, needed to be unleashed. ~ Godric/Emily”

“Love strengthened a person. It fortified their heart until they could defeat any enemy, survive any hardship, achieve any dream.”

“It was as though she faced a lion—raw beauty, extreme power and a posed threat—yet she couldn’t look away. He would devour her. ~ Emily/Godric”

“In him she found her life, her breath, her soul. With him she belonged in a way she’d never thought possible.”

“She loves you, Godric. A woman in love can endure more pain and suffering than the strongest man. Their hearts are unique things, sturdy and loyal, but susceptible to one great weakness.”

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passion, possession, lust, lion, rogue, emily, godric, breathtaking

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