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The Serpent and the Pearl

Kate Quinn

Top 10 Best Quotes

“But I'd far rather live without souls or morals than Parmesan.”

“Not wise, perhaps, to be rude to the Pope's favorite son, but my viper tongue still required a fool now and then on which to exercise its edges, and Juan Borgia served admirably in place of drunken innkeepers and tavern cheats.”

“Never trust a German to get a sauce right. Their solution to everything is just add more butter.”

“It is better to be feared than loved. —MACHIAVELLI”

“It doesn't do to look too envious of other women. Men are already quite vain enough thinking we fight each other like cats for their attention, aren't they? - Giulia Farnese”

“If you don’t know what lies ahead, make a good dramatic entrance and hope for the best.”

“capon with just a squeeze of juice from a lime, nothing”

“When a man gives you jewels, even if you’re planning to throw them back in his face, you should remember his name.”

“The sight of iniquity, immorality, pure evil, perhaps the world's end; a kitchen in disorder.”

“My mother had always said there was no defense against the rude like a good, sweet-toned courtesy.”

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