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Insomniacs, We

J. Andrew Schrecker

Top 10 Best Quotes

“And yes, life is mostly boring, and we each go through it feeling ugly or like a failure, but sometimes the sun cuts through a tree line just right, or you get to hold someone's hand for the first time.”

“There's a lot of humiliation in living, but that's okay, for if the gods are always laughing, then surely at times they must be laughing with us.”

“What I want is for you to touch me in ways that hands and teeth and skin cannot.”

“The kind of love I seek is a folie a deux.”

“I once found a phoenix charred in its own ashes. I brought it home with me, wept through the night, and then tossed it to the wind--its brittle body dispersing all about. This thing without a name and deep within me--how it truly believes that if something is meant to take flight, then it must one way or another.”

“Alarm clocks unset, their taunts silent. Crystals flashing dire red, as if to warn of seconds that dwell, of years that fleet.”

“Women born works of art, men doomed to spend entire lifetimes trying to create just one.”

“What other nations fail to recognize in us--our consumerism--is that we don't simply want to own everything, we want to be everything.”

“We aren't always kind to one another, but want to be, and I believe that is the same thing.”

“There are worse things than dying alone or afraid, such as dying unafraid, or dying twice, or dying to live.”

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