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Hilary Leichter

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She noted the fallacy of permanence in a world where everything ends and desire that kind of permanence all the same.”

“There is nothing lonelier than lights extinguishing themselves at the end of a long day, no one left to do them the simple kindness of snuffing out.”

“The last time you see someone is never the last time you see them. The empty space a person leave behind retains heat; a retina will preserve a face for later.”

“No one is ever exactly who they claim to be, but some people are closer than others.”

“The human resources cabin is mostly bare. A large poster on the wall features a cat with a peg leg paw. "There is no Purr in Pirate!" reads the caption.”

“Living is also a state of mourning.”

“Life moves faster than protocol.”

“Life is a stranger in a crowd whose intentions are unclear and, come to think of it, so is death.”

“It's a real good deed to let someone else comfort you, because the comfort goes both ways.”

“I want the defiance of a life spent almost in touch.”

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