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The Secret Chord

Geraldine Brooks

Top 10 Best Quotes

“the greatest cruelty of madness is the power it has to blot out a person.”

“It is one thing to know what is to come. It is another thing to confront it.”

“When the madness came, he would be like a man staggering along the rim of the abyss – which was his rage – and when the edge gave way or he missed his step, he might clutch at anyone within reach and drag that person with him over the precipice.”

“The common soldiers did not blame him for his excessive grief. They knew him. They knew his flaws. Indeed, I think they loved him all the more because he was flawed, as they were, and did not hide his passionate, blemished nature.”

“One did not need to penetrate David's secret counsels or insinuate a man in his bodyguard. All one needed was a pair of years and access to the royal precincts. Just to eavesdrop upon his singing was to develop an accurate idea of his state of mind.”

“Men raised in a culture of blood revenge do not change in a day.”

“In the heir's world, where everything was available, the unattainable had a wild allure.”

“I knew that the Name was still with him, animating his soul, even as his body failed.”

“I ceased to serve a king and began, instead, to serve a kingdom.”

“He said that the music—its order and precision—helped him find the patterns in things—the way through the confusion of events and opinions to direction, to order, and beyond, to inspiration.”

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