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Attracting A Specific Person: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest a Specific Person, Get Back Your Ex and Manifest a Vibrant Relationship.

Dhiraj Kumar Raj

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You need to have a strong inner bond with yourself to experience a happy and vibrant relationship with your ideal partner because your external bond is the reflection of your internal bond when it comes to relationship success.”

“When you feed your subconscious mind with your dream relevant thoughts and emotions on a regular basis then it will activate the channels of your enthusiasm and passion to achieve it into your physical experience.”

“When you discover the best version of yourself then you can be a living magnet to gravitate your ideal partner to your vortex because you always attract for who you are being as per the law of attraction.”

“When you consciously feed your subconscious mind with your dream relevant thoughts and emotions repeatedly on a regular basis then it can be the catalyst for experiencing a huge positive shift in all areas of your life.”

“When you believe in yourself and trust your intuition from the core of your being then you can be, do or have anything you desire to manifest into your physical reality.”

“Never argue with your critics if they attack you emotionally while working on your dream goal rather stay focused on it without taking their opinion personally because the best revenge is a massive success.”

“You must dare to go learn, grow, and evolve through an emotionally devastating breakup rather than being the victim of it because it is a part of your relationship life, not a life sentence.”

“You can't rebuild trust after infidelity with a casual approach but your rigorous honesty and changed behavior can be the greatest catalyst to rekindle your committed relationship.”

“You can't manifest your ideal partner with the old pattern of your thought, emotion, decision and action rather you have to change the pattern that must be relevant to your relationship goals as per the law of attraction.”

“You can't be a failure if you are intuitively guided to work on your dream goals despite the stormy adversities rather you can be either closer to success or simply achieve massive success.”

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