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A Curious Beginning

Deanna Raybourn

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I abhorred weakness of any kind but most particularly in my tea.”

“Mrs. Clutterthorpe, I can hardly think of any fate worse than becoming the mother of six. Unless perhaps it were plague, and even then I am persuaded a few disfiguring buboes and possible death would be preferable to motherhood.”

“I am quite determined to be mistress of my own fate, Mrs. Clutterthorpe, but I do sympathize with how strange it must sound to you. It is not your fault that you are entirely devoid of imagination. I blame your education”

“O, the perfidy of men.” “What have I done?” he protested. “Nothing at present, but you are the only representative of your sex I have at hand to abuse. Take your lumps for your brothers.”

“That is the hallmark of a good partnership, you know - when one partner sees the forest and the other studies the trees.”

“One cannot innovate new improvements without understanding old failures.”

“He considered that a moment, rolling the sweet over his tongue. "There are times when it is entirely safe to show one's vulnerability, to roll over and reveal the soft underbelly beneath. But there are other times when pain must be borne without a murmur, when the pain is so consuming that if you give in to it, even in the slightest, you have lost everything.”

“I have faith that men can be as reasonable and logical as women if they but try.”

“In my experience it is far better to tell a man what he wants to hear then do as you please, than attempt to reason with him.”

“I have known enough of women to understand they are as duplicitous and vicious as men. If they are capable of being our equals in malice, why not in our better qualities as well? There are no masculine virtues, Veronica. And none sacred to women either. We are all of us just people, and most badly flawed ones at that.”

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Book Keywords:

humor, pain, stoker

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