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The Map to Everywhere

Carrie Ryan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Wait," Fin said, puzzling through the words. "That was a seed, not a secret." "Of course it was." It sounded annoyed, at least for a tree. "Here, secrets turn to seed, good secrets take root, and the vines that grow bloom into rumors. They do that, you know," it said, as much to itself as to Fin. "Once planted, they grow. And start new rumors all their own.”

“You kids take your time," the Naysayer called from above them. "Me an'the oncoming apocalypse will just hang out and get to know each other while we wait.”

“no one evaded the pie shop pirates for long.”

“You can’t fix a problem until you know what it is,” the wizard said”

“What d’ya think?” Fin asked, holding out a silver pepper shaker. Marrill scrunched her nose, considering the object. “Definitely something alive,” she finally pronounced. For the past several hours, the two of them had been playing a game of Drop Things into the Pirate Stream and Guess What They’ll Turn Into. So far they’d watched a shoe turn into a fish (boring), a towel morph into a small raft of tiger-roses (not boring), and a cup disappear into a high-pitched scream accompanied by the rattle of castanets and a driving bass beat (downright freaky). “I’m going with deadly,” Fin said.”

“What are you doing?” she shouted “Saving your life!” he shouted back. Way too far below for her comfort, the crooked streets of the Khaznot Quay waited to dash them to pieces. “You’re not doing a very good job of it!”

“What are you doing here?” he mumbled. “Um, you asked me to follow you?” Marrill said. The wizard chuckled. “Not you,” he said, continuing downward. “I meant the Promenade Deck.” He waved his hand over his shoulder at the floor they’d just passed. “You’ll have to watch out for that one—it likes to walk off. Best to stay away from it. Never know where it’ll end up; sometimes it up and heads to another ship.” “Um…” Her words faltered. “How do I know which one’s the Promenade Deck?” He glanced up at her, forehead furrowed. “It’s the one that moves.”

“They ate mostly prollycrab, pulled fresh from the Stream. “It’s short for ‘probability crab,’” Ardent told her, splitting open an orange claw and sucking out the rich velvet meat. “Because like the Stream itself, they embrace all probabilities.” He smacked his lips. “Ooh, this one is chocolate!”

“Then he looked at Marrill with a frown of concern. “By chance have you felt the urge to repeat everything people say to you, backward?” Yesterday she’d have thought it was the oddest question she’d ever been asked. Now she wasn’t so sure. “No?”

“The wizard now looked straight at him. “No, young man,” he said. “Whatever’s wrong with you, there is no magic about it.”

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