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Death and Life

B.G. Bowers

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Life was a bloody battlefield until I conquered the enemy and won the war. Now, life is a journey, and I am a warrior. Prepared for anything and weakened by nothing. There are hills and dales, mountains and plateaus, blind spots and brilliant vistas, but none of that matters. All that matters is my second chance, and the only thing capable of disrupting my path, is myself.”

“When the door to suicide opens it becomes a viable option that you never considered before, but, once ajar, it initiates an invasion strategy. Day by day thoughts blacken under the occupation of the new inhabitant. It becomes an all-consuming addiction that makes its home in your head and heart and, before you know it, the whole neighbourhood is talking and thinking about suicide. Eventually, the mind is overwhelmed by the conspiracy of its own darkness and begins to wage war against the body. At this point, the body is powerless.”

“In the end, it was the secrets that held me hostage and fuelled my depression, but, once released, emancipation - from fear, shame, guilt and judgement - was finally possible.”

“My hand-stitched wings itch to take flight to test the winds of change that inevitably blow at the end of a cycle.”

“I was lost in a void of perpetual darkness. Disconnected from myself. Turned inside out. No sign of life. Eventually, the darkness was my light and the void a haven – a quiet place where I could nurse my secret and lick my wounds.”

“Those who nurse secrets, nurse a chaotic world of amplified silence.”

“Sometimes you have to cross the boundaries of Death in order to discover the meaning of Life.”

“The loss of innocence is inevitable, but the death of innocence disturbs the natural order. The death of innocence causes an imbalance and initiates an internal war that manifests differently in each individual, but almost always includes anger, withdrawal and severe depression.”

“There are those whose love awakens our own and those whose love undermines. As long as we are blind to this fact, true love will elude us.”

“Secure your dreams for they are the wings of your soul, and, when vulnerable, flight is inconceivable.”

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