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The Little Book of Greatness: A Parable About Unlocking Your Destiny

Ari Gunzburg

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Stability is a part of working to improve yourself by focusing on the positive and remaining persistent.”

“It is sheer madness sometimes, but often, madness is needed to separate the winners from the losers.”

“Those who find the darkest darkness also shine the brightest light.”

“The present is a present, so treat it that way.”

“Tell yourself to change your vision to change your decisions. You need to pay attention to how you perceive anything. Your perception is your reality.”

“Sometimes what we have is valued the most when it is most fragile, when it is most threatened.”

“Negativity literally shuts us down. It closes us off, it limits our possibilities, it increases the darkness in our lives...[while] positivity is expansive. Positivity opens us up, broadens possibilities, and increases the light we experience in the world.”

“Negativity is dark and limiting, while positivity is light and expansive.”

“It is that magical, frightening moment, that we need to pinpoint. Recognize it and then move past it. That moment, when everything inside, when everyone around you, says to quit, to give up, you can’t do this, that’s the moment you must stand up, you must dig deep within yourself, and make it happen.”

“If water makes a hole in rock, with a single steady drop, then we can move worlds with persistence.”

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