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Nucleus: Power Women: Lead from the Core

Abha Maryada Banerjee

Top 10 Best Quotes

“REMAIN ‪#‎YOU‬'!!!! When people challenge you, they are already threatened by you.. When people judge you, they seriously badly want to be like you.. When people criticize, they have failed to have their way with you.. When people doubt, they convey for sure, they cannot be like you.. No challenge, judgment or criticism should change the YOU in you!!”

“There are people who are 'toxic', then there are 'poisonous' people... We find them in various degrees in critics, cynics, haters, fault finders, bullies, abusers, envious, jealous, insecure people.. What do we do to toxins and what we do to them as well..!!!”

“We have two lives... The second begins when we know we only have one..”

“Standing 'tall' at 5 ft' is a serious 'high”

“On famous relatives - First I was my mother's daughter..and now..I am my daughter's mother !”


“‪#‎PRAISE‬ ‪#‎CRITICISM‬ ‪#‎NEUTRAL‬ If you live off people's will soon die of their criticism..”

“When your sense of respect for others.. Your humility despite a chance at arrogance.. is MISCONSTRUED, MISUNDERSTOOD AND JUDGED.. Put a stop , pull the brakes..Some people do not deserve it!!”

“We are all 'GENIUS in PROGRESS' ...walking towards achieving our highest potential..and thus attaining the status..Do you believe you could be a Genius..Well it's all in the mind !!”

“To follow the heart, you lose your mind.. To follow your mind, the heart loses .. Lovingly, let go transcend to a new understanding..”

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