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Life's Impressions

Steven Redhead

Top 10 Best Quotes

“May there always be light in your life to guide you, making your life journey full of joy and wonder.”

“You get what you wish for, but you may not recognize it”

“You bind yourself by the chains of the burdens you accept willingly during your lifetime.”

“You are bound by the constraints of what you perceived, it doesn't matter if those perceptions are accurate or not.”

“Tranquility is a state of the mind, desired by the soul, to calm the spirit, and make the body free from stress.”

“Your life is the result of the accumulated choices that you made.”

“You should sing only songs of joy, avoiding sadness like the disastrous plague that it can be.”

“You have the sole responsibility for what happens to you in life.”

“You create within your mind your own cages that confine you.”

“You can never relive the moment, so treasure it, for it will soon be gone.”

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