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American King

Sierra Simone

Top 10 Best Quotes

“How do they not hear the trickle of my heart’s blood dripping out of my chest, how do they not see the scooped-out pain in my eyes, how can they not hear every desperate plea and every rasping sob I’ve let out in the last twenty-four hours?”

“Perhaps Embry’s always had the part of me that wielded the sword, but she… she’s always owned the part that wears the crown.”

“I will always be your husband and your king and your master, and it doesn’t matter who I let you fuck, you’ll always belong to me, understood?”

“I see the beginning. And I see the end.”

“I hug him. I close my eyes, press my face into his already strong and heavy shoulder, and I thank God for this unexpected grace. This undeserved mercy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“She was formed for sunshine and pleasure, but fuck if darkness and pain don’t look beautiful on her—”

“I will love her until the stars burn themselves out and hang like cold rocks in the lightless sky.”

“And right there on the soft grass, in the warm sunlight, our three hearts beat as one once again and we share every breath, every kiss, every single drop of our love. Equal and alive. Three.”

“I am the leaf skating across the pond again, simply blowing where her words take me, and I can just watch with exhilarating clarity how much she enjoys”

“I love you, little prince,” is all he says.”

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