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The Heavens

Sandra Newman

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There were others like her. Of course there were. How had she ever thought there would not be?”

“It was beautiful to be heartbroken, it was as pleasurable as a thing could be. But pointless.”

“It was night, and the sky spreading into a rain that fell like darkness visible, a glistering where there was no light.”

“At last he had risen to hold forth tragically about the misfortune that it was to be alive.”

“You really don't understand what it's like to have bad parents, do you?”

“The dream was strongest of all when Kate's heart was broken. Then she fell asleep as if falling out of life, and the dream became numinous as real things are numinous, vivid even as it blankly slept. She couldn't prove it even to her own satisfaction, but she felt the dream was quickened by love.”

“Sweet wine from Spain and gossip from France; the sun in the windows dimmed, sorrowed prettily as the day declined, until the candles' light was mirrored in the glass. Their dabbling flames were like guesses at a feeling, the hearth's fire like the feeling itself. It was a beautiful pastime she had missed; hours that had stepped light-footed on Emilia's memory and passed on.”

“So he thinks he has a baby and everything falls into place? What gets me is, people have babies and they're thinking what the baby will do for them. It's sick.”

“She couldn't know anyone, but someone still needed her. She couldn't be anyone, but she could still love.”

“She could hide in this small, dull life.”

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