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The Spirit of Imagination

S.A. Tawks

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When the imagination takes over, the second hand could be the hour hand to a creator of stories.”

“There are other ways than conventional doors to get around my house, Ms Rainn.”

“The power of fiction is a great thing. But, after all, reality is just a little more important.”

“Sometimes one's imagination can be more beautiful than the most picturesque beach.”

“She lost touch with reality and was dragged into her imagination.”

“Ms Rainn, when was the last time you visited a library for the books and not the free Internet it offers?”

“He held out a shaky and worn hand and she met it with one of her young and inexperienced ones.”

“You must learn not to rely so heavily on others. Only then will help come when you truly need it.”

“When you juice books from a library you are taking the history and imagination that has accumulated over so many years there.”

“What the future held for spirit, Emily could only imagine.”

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