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Of War and Ruin

Ryan Cahill

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There was a man, of humble lands Who rode to war, at honours call And in that war, the blood did feed The lands, the trees, and growing seeds There were people, as old as the seas As old as the mountains as rooted as trees And though the war, was not their own Chains drew them in and chains made them bleed Tired and weary, the man did become Through fire and blood, the man he did roam Till a killer made their home in his bones A dealer of death who longed to go home And on one faithful winter’s eve, The man met the people as old as the seas As old as the mountains as rooted as trees And on one faithful winter’s eve The man’s faith was shaken, his hands they were stained And so this man set on his path The path to become the breaker of chains”

“The power of words is in the choosing of them, my son. Not just in the choosing of which words to speak, but in choosing when not to speak at all. The man who speaks rarely but wisely is heeded far more often than the man who can’t hold his tongue.”

“Both honour and religion are things mortals use to justify atrocious deeds. To absolve themselves of the guilt they have so deservedly gained. They are more dangerous than any blade or any dragon. If a god tells a man to murder a child, they will oblige. It wasn’t their choice – it was the word of a god. That man is not a murderer – he is a conduit of divine will.”

“we hold our failures close, so as to learn from them. We take pride in them because failing means you tried. You can only ever succeed if you allow yourself to fail.”

“What is a ‘good man’? What defines ‘good’? What I’ve noticed is those who describe themselves as good men are often far from it. And those whom others describe as good men tend to have a nasty habit of dying young.”

“The past is the tapestry from which we learn the steps we should not take,’ Verathin had said. ‘Study it, learn from it, know it. Then and only then can we hope to avoid repeating the mistakes of those who came before us. Ignore it and doom yourself to being the story the next generation learns from.”

“Tell me you’ve never fought elves without telling me you’ve never fought elves.”

“So many books to read, so little time to read them; that always seemed to be the case.”

“Nothing worth having is ever easy, son. And nothing that’s easy is ever worth having.”

“Mastery is not something you achieve based on the speed at which you improve, but due to your ability to persevere in the face of failure. It is repetition, dedication, and consistency.”

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