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A Place Like Home: Short Stories

Rosamunde Pilcher

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There was, Julia Prescott decided, only the finest razor-edge between depression and despair. Depression had been constant for weeks, familiar, creeping up on her like a prowler in tennis shoes. But despair was the dreaded spectre behind the closed door, springing forth just when you least expected it. ['Through the Eyes of Love']”

“The worst thing that can befall a family is to have its mother in hospital. The entire world becomes disoriented, the home has lost its heartbeat, there is no answer when you call. [Victoria, 'Magic Might Happen']”

“The more tenuous the ties that hold us together, the easier it is to say goodbye. [Julia, 'Harbour of Love']”

“That is how it was with them. A closeness, a rapport that was almost entire, except for these small niggling uncertainties which, most of the time, she [Janey Ashcroft] was able to ignore, but sometimes, like tonight, grew like balloons to such size and importance that she wondered how she was going to be able to cope with them. ['Anniversary']”

“Luckily we don't inspire the same reactions in every new person we meet. Otherwise the world would be in a sorry mess. [John Lippiatt, 'The Stone Boy']”

“Loving a person, she [Rachael] had told herself, is not finding perfection, but forgiving faults. ['Someone To Trust']”

“I always thinks that a garden is the best sort of legacy a person can leave. [Caroline, 'Skelmerton']”

“But being with someone you love isn't being with people. It's like being with the other half of yourself. [Julie, 'The Stone Boy']”

“Possessiveness smothers. [Liz Searley, 'The Stone Boy']”

“I think,' said Leo [Walton], 'that he [William, 'Tiger'] must have fallen in love with you, he certainly remembered you with the eye of love.' ['Skelmerton']”

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