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Identity Thief: Exposing Satan's Plan to Steal Your Purpose, Passion and Power

Robby Dawkins

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Too often, we think of the Church as a fortress, a place to hide from the troubles of the world. Really, it should be more like a war room, where we gain the strength we need to do battle against the enemy.”

“The enemy is always trying to confuse us, manipulate us and make us think we are not who we really are.”

“Satan is full of lies and empty threats and will use whatever he can grab hold of to twist our understanding away from God's. But God will always prevail.”

“Never forget who you are in Christ. If you have thoughts or feelings that make you feel bad about yourself, remember they come from the enemy. Do not believe Satan's lies. You are not who he says you are.”

“I believe the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil represents the law, or legalistic thinking... But the Tree of Life represents Christ and His grace.”

“ is a weapon of mass destruction against the kingdom of darkness. So are humility, worship, peacemaking and blessing your enemies.”

“prayer is not powerful because of the one doing the praying. Prayer is powerful because of the One who is in us and the authority He has given us.”

“When God looks at us, He does not see our broken, rejected, useless state. He sees what He intended us to be. He sees what the Lamb sacrificed to reinstate us. We gave our identity away, so the Lamb, Jesus, came to restore that which was lost. He sacrificed to give us His identity. He clothed us in His right standing and covered us in His precious blood. His DNA was given to restore ours.”

“We often think God puts us under judgment when we err, but I believe what happens is we pull ourselves out from under His grace.”

“We are meant to be bold, courageous and strong as we do the works of Jesus. We are not supposed to blend in. We are supposed to stand out.”

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