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Out of the Crowd

Richard Mwebesa

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There is nothing so powerful and a key enabler for one to stand out of the crowd like having an authentic identity.”

“The reason consistency is valuable and is a currency that measures the value of the personal brand is because of reliability.”

“Secure your behaviour, because bad behaviour can damage and spoil relationships. I know this for a fact, no matter whom you are or where you come from: bad behaviour stinks.Shun and eschew it like a plague.”

“It is not worth it being a public success and a private failure. You can stand out of the crowd, but not at the expense of your family and friends. Find the balance and strike it. Hold onto it dearly and carefully, like the way you cup something delicate like a butterfly in your hands. Hold it too tight and you will crush it, hold it lightly and it will fly away.”

“Whatever you do,you have to be believable for this is the prerequisite of credibility and relevance.”

“The specialist generalist emerges as the very best at the very many fields they choose to take. They deliver outstanding results in everything they lay their hands on. That makes them outstanding”

“Perseverance is about keeping on the path even when no one else is seeing where you are headed”

“Passion provides meaning in life and offers life fulfillment”

“No one ever stands out without other people. No way. The key to standing out is by learning how well to relate with other people.”

“Let your affirmations be so clear and leave no room for any doubts to yourself and to the World”

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