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Zen, Meditation & the Art of Shooting: Performance Edge - Sports Edition

Ray Mancini

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The more things you have in common with the normal population the more you are not being yourself.”

“The Advanced Level is Mastery of the Basics”

“Science provides us with the methods we need to discover the truth. However it is only by developing wisdom through spirituality that provides the force we need to generate meaning in our lives.”

“Just about everything in life is common sense, anything outside that is the beginning of extraordinary."

“I am not here to be average, I am not here to be great, I am not here to be successful, and I am not here to be happy, I am here to simply be all of me.”

“Creativity is the result of renunciation on the journey of spiritual enlightenment, not of a thirst for glory or personal pride.”

“What a tragedy it would be if you lived your entire life without discovering who you are, without reaching your full potential.”

“The thing which disappoints me most about the human race is the extraordinary lack of substance and depth, and the avoidance of opportunities where there is a possibility of experiencing something profound.”

“Reason Develops Passion, Passion Creates Motivation, Motivation is the driving force behind all actions = GREAT RESULTS.”

“Normality does not exist. There is no such a thing as normal. The social norms that guide most people are not always normal for everyone. Behaviours and actions that are abnormal for most people may be considered normal for others, so therefore normality does not exist. Stay true to yourself; never be ashamed of doing what feels right to you at any giving moment, decide what feels right to you and do it. Don’t be normal, be yourself.”

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