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Only the Innocent

Rachel Abbott

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The quiet but inexorable breaking down of self-esteem is much more sinister - it’s violation of the soul.”

“She searched her mind for a single day when it had felt good to be alive. There must have been one, surely?”

“Each time he came he would twist my defenceless body into a different pose, as if I were his very own doll”

“When shame is your own, it’s hard enough to bear. When other people are witness to it, it becomes intolerable.”

“I would rather have been with one parent who was genuinely happy than with two who had so many axes to grind you could almost hear them being sharpened.”

“Today is the day after my wedding. And nothing is the way I expected it to be.”

“within those first few months I became weaker, and my self-belief was gradually eroded. Perhaps he did know better than I how people should behave. Perhaps I was overreacting to things that were perfectly normal, just because they weren’t what I wanted. The problem was a lack of anything tangible. He always made it seem as if he was putting me first, but what he was actually doing was undermining my every thought.”

“when somebody appears to be considerate, never raises his voice, and appears to have your every interest in mind, how can that possibly be abuse?”

“what he was up to. I’ll have them tracked”

“was way off the Richter scale,”

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unhappiness, soulless, abuse, disappointment, abusive-relationships, marriage, sadness, despair, life-experience, wedding

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