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The Thugs & a Courtesan

Mukta Singh-Zocchi

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Like a thief, the image of her taut, well-formed body crept into his mind next. His hair swept backwards, shot up like long needles in the rush of the air and his thoughts grew bolder. He marveled how beautifully her body arched as she stood and gave commands. Vishwakarma, the god of all craftsmen, in an exalting moment had threaded a wire through it to give it that elegant curve. From that instant, the memories of a wife, of dear daughters waiting back in the village seemed hazy as in a dream. Inhibitions became soft barriers. He remembered the gestures of Chanda Bai’s two hands as she talked; her palms like delicate seashells; her elegant fingers. Flashes of her jewel studded ears, another pair of shells; and her long hair lovingly braided by her servants with thick strands of white and yellow jasmine flowers interlaced in them. He wanted to caress those flowers with his finger.”

“I hold loyalty above everything. Anything that causes a man to betray his friends, country and his calling is cheap – low class - in my eyes.”

“I cannot explain how it all happened, Father. I know only that now I want to be with her.”

“How often he had felt that living life is nothing more than writing on the surface of the lake! So fleeting! Ephemeral! Although each day when it arrives seems like the day that has just passed, it does hold well the power to bring something new or to take away someone dear.”

“He felt no shame in their love. It was great, honest and high. He had never in his life seen a woman like her. He admired her like he had no one before. If she were to go away, he would abandon everyone and everything that he ever cared for and follow her like a dog. He would lose his mind otherwise.”

“You could not love me for I am a man with a hideous face, but what baffles me is that you cared nought for the fact that my thoughts are not inelegant?”

“What is there to tell? She kept rolling out words and I kept listening.” “What did she say? What did you say?” “I could hear not a single word that she uttered. What did I say? I could say nothing. Friend! My senses and judgement, self-restraint, peace, my entire strength - all deserted me. I ran to her and stood before her with folded arms like a slave. O Jitaji, like the moth that flutters around the candle I offered my life as a sacrifice to her.”

“Waves after waves broke on the boulder-lined banks, lashing and hollering, making a colossal display of restlessness and rage and resignation. He had dropped on his knees and prayed for a long time.”

“The starved beast, sensing the prey, was restless.”

“People like you and I would have long been crushed by this world. We are saved because we believed in something.”

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