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The Fell Sword

Miles Cameron

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The Red Knight sighed. ‘Sometimes I think you all take me for granted,’ he said and went off to wash the blood off his hands.”

“Sauce grinned. 'Anytime, baby,' she said. 'We could make that our motto,' allowed the Captain.”

“Dariusz felt something like admiration for the Red Knight. They clearly read the same books.”

“Jamie, to the best of my understanding, anything you do to help a woman who needs help is chivalry. In this case, that’s ploughing.”

“The tiny imaginary audience inside his head did not exist; no one watches our life movies.”

“He does the good works already, Arn. He merely does them while cursing God.” He leaned over. “While you sinned while praising God.”

“Victory in war is usually the result of compromising what you want and behaving like those you despise." - Tapio”

“The Mega Ducas accepted communion and did not burst into flames. Wilful Murder lost a small amount of money over it.”

“Stronger is for those who seek strength. The people want to live. Life is not about strength. Life is about living.”

“It was the crossbows that decided Turkos, although his decision was almost too fast to be described as thought. Even as they emerged from the shadow to gloat over their prisoners, he reared his horse - his precious horse, that he loved, Athena. She reared obediently, and her broad stomach and long neck took all six of the crossbow bolts meant for him. And because she was all heart, she landed on four feet and continued forward after her iron-shod forefeet crushed the skulls of two warriors. And then she fell.”

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