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Three Parts Dead

Max Gladstone

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The God Wars had not been a pleasant time for Craftsmen and Craftswomen around the world. One day, you’re a simple thaumaturge, idly meddling in matters man was not meant to comprehend. The next, a collection of beings as old as humanity, with legions of followers, declare war on your “kind”, and neighbours who once thought you a harmless eccentric with a fondness for mystic sigils and foul unguents see you as an affront to Creation.”

“He drinks the life of those who come too close to him. Steals their youth. Also,” she said after a pause, “he moisturizes.”

“Be careful. As if something’s going to jump us in a library.” “You might be surprised.” “What do you mean?” “You know how people say a book is really gripping?” “Don’t tell me…” Cat trailed off. “Libraries can be dangerous.”

“Put not your trust in things, but in men. And women.”

“Gods, like men, can die. They just die harder, and smite the earth with their passing.”

“For half a century he had stood too close to darkness, and some it crept into his bones.”

“A thousand prickling tender touches lit upon her, as if she was caught in a rainstorm and the raindrops were love.”

“The course of action for which you argue in your papers, not to mention your private life, would make Craftsmen and Craftswomen no better than the tyrant deities we overthrew in that damn war.” “Language, Elayne.” “My apologies,” she said after another sip of vodka. “One gets carried away when one feels one’s dinner companion has made an inexcusable moral error.” *”

“Yes,” she said. “It makes you the most stupid, single-minded collection of religious fanatics I’ve ever come across. I mean,” she amended as growls rose about her and green eyes narrowed, “I could not imagine ever doing something like that, but it’s terribly sweet.”

“They found the Infirmary of Justice much as they had left it: white institutional walls, too-bright floors, and a reassuring smell of antiseptic. Reassuring at least to Tara, because the smell signalled that the people running this infirmary knew about antiseptic.”

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