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Summer 20XX

M. Reali-Elliott

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Lessons are taught by your attitude in the face of challenge, not by overcoming the challenge or feigning perfection.”

“If you treat each day as a gift, they can all feel like Christmas morning, not sure what you might unwrap next, but excited nonetheless.”

“You can always choose to laugh. You can choose to smile instead of cry. When we make a mistake or face something we don’t like or things just aren’t going well, I want you to remember what just happened. Smiling is always a choice and that is what I want for you. Choose to smile and to laugh.”

“Whatever we do to cover it up, our souls are on display to everyone we meet and cannot remain hidden long.”

“There are never enough water balloons.”

“That’s the indelible trade we make with water balloons: if adults are going to sacrifice five times the amount of time filling that children are in playing, we ask them to sacrifice five times the amount of play time in picking up afterward.”

“My hope for them is to always let their attitude shine like the sun, even when facing a rain storm. Maybe they will be the beacon of light that brightens someone else’s day and helps to spread this lesson to those who need it most.”

“If you can’t find joy watching children laugh, I am certain there is no hope for your soul.”

“If inner beauty could be reflected through every sun-kissed tan line or freckle, every wrinkle caused by your smile, the beach could only magnify it.”

“A person should always be willing to adjust for a rainy day. That was a good attitude in all of life, but was a reality to the way of life for those residing in Florida.”

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