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An Elegant Façade

Kristi Ann Hunter

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If he didn’t know better, he would be convinced that there were actually two women of like name and appearance, switching places at will for the express purpose of driving him mad.”

“He would likely either leave engaged or unconscious, depending on how things went with Lady Miranda and her brothers. Women weren’t usually forgiving when they learned they’d been fooled, and men were rarely restrained when a sister felt her honor had been slighted.”

“Trust God to give you what you need when you need it. If you get it too early, you might misplace it.”

“Something was disturbing the normally unflappable duke, and being the good friend that he was, Colin couldn’t wait to hold it over the other man’s head.”

“Please don’t shoot me, Jeffreys. I’m quite fond of this coat. ~Colin”

“Perhaps that’s what he needed in this situation. A new perspective, particularly on from God. Yes, some time alone with God was exactly what this situation needed.”

“Often, significant moments in life are only identifiable in hindsight, but every now and then something happens that announces its significance with trumpeted preamble and terrifying implications.”

“It was a shame, really, that one couldn’t go to the store and buy a play to watch at home like one could purchase a book.”

“Honestly, of all the unnecessary things her mother had taught her in the last eighteen years, she couldn’t have found two minutes to say, “A lady always brings something to occupy herself while she waits”?”

“Griffith - What do you know, Mr. McCrae? Colin - More than I should but not enough to say more than I have, Your Grace.”

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