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The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

Kiersten White

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I sought to puncture Heaven and instead discovered Hell.”

“Sometimes we were strangers even to ourselves.”

“I wanted more time with the books. I wanted to spend the day in a quiet corner, sitting against a window, lost in words and worlds I had never been given access to.”

“Not being blameless is not the same as being guilty.”

“They had stripped us of everything we were taught made us women, and then told us we were mad.”

“It was easer to rage than to despair.”

“death is never allowed to touch you”

“While I saw the destruction of the tree as nature’s beauty, Victor saw power—power to light up the night and banish darkness, power to end a centuries-old life in a single strike—that he cannot control or access. And nothing bothers Victor more than something he cannot control.”

“I, however, was perfectly aware of my beauty. I considered it a skill, alongside speaking French, English, Italian and German. It was a language of its own, in a way. One that translated well in different circumstances.”

“I would lie silent and still, like a corpse, as he studied me. His careful, delicate hands explored all the bones and tendons, the muscles and tracings of veins that make up a person. “But where is Elizabeth?” he would ask, his ear against my heart. “Which part makes you?” I had no answer, and neither did he.”

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