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Better When He's Brave

Jay Crownover

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I've been fighting every single day of my life. Sometimes I think all I have left is fight.”

“Hell is yourself and the only redemption is when a person puts himself aside to feel deeply for another person. —Tennessee Williams”

“Love can really look strange in the Point. In fact, if you aren't paying attention you might miss it altogether because it doesn't look like love at all.”

“I will make THIS worthwhile. I will make THIS enough until we can tackle more. THIS matters, whatever it is, and for now THIS is everything, okay?”

“She was going to be my downfall. She was going to be my corruption and my vice. She was going to be my addiction and my compulsion and I was still going to fall headlong into her knowing the landing was going to be rough for both of us.”

“She might look like a dream and taste like dessert, but I knew there was a lot of tart underneath that pretty outer shell.”

“In this place you never know what pile of shit tomorrow is going to hand you, so having something that makes you feel good for even a second needs to be valued.”

“There was no hiding what we had been in here doing. It was all over him. I was all over him and he was most definitely stamped all over me. I loved it.”

“There had been those who touched me in the past, who knew what they were doing, who made me feel wanted, beautiful, and necessary. But no one had ever made me feel owned and devoured the way Titus did.”

“So we just roll in like Butch and Sundance ? You know they died at the end of that movie right ?”

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