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Jack Heath

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We choose to believe whatever seems most likely.”

“Uses her femininity to hide her humanity.”

“The pain doesn't fade, it just becomes a different kind of pain.”

“The memory was like an old videotape, degrading slightly with each viewing.”

“Remember, thoughts are funny things. If we try to push them away, often they bounce back, with more force. But if we accept that the thoughts are there, they lose their power over us. We can decide what, if anything, to do with them.”

“People often pretend they don't remember something when they're ashamed of it.”

“Is gold useful or just expensive?”

“If you have a mental illness, people don't trust you. And if you take drugs to fix the illness, they trust you even less.”

“If they were rich, they'd be described as eccentric rather than mentally ill.”

“I'd never understood why hurting animals for fun was considered an early warning sign of serial killer behavior, while fishing and hunting were seen as healthy male bonding activities.”

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