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Continuous Improvement By Improving Continuously (CIBIC): Addressing the Human Factors During the Pursuit of Process Excellence

F. Allen Davis

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Exposure promotes understanding, understanding promotes empathy, and empathy promotes compromise.”

“Excellence is about striking a balance between planning and action. Too much planning means too little action and too little action means too much planning.”

“While failure is a voyage of discovery, apathy is a voyage of defeat. I would rather fail than give up.”

“What's more important, the bottom line or how you get there?”

“Weaponized social media is the new WMD, changing cyber warfare in a frightening new way; spawning fiction to cloud the facts.”

“Tragic is the day when our flaws become our virtues and our virtues become our flaws.”

“Tis better to have an abundance of hope than an absence of faith.”

“Some believe that ignorance is bliss. Others believe that knowledge is power. But when the ignorant wield power, utter chaos ensues.”

“Opinion promotes dissent, dissent promotes anger, anger promotes conflict. One begets another which begets yet another.”

“In a perfect world, it's down with the bad, up with the good; not up with the bad, down with the good.”

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