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Because You Matter: How to Take Ownership of Your Life So You Can Really Live

Danielle Bernock

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Understanding that trauma is personal is crucial. It's not the size of the incident that determines its effect on you. It's how you received/perceived it.”

“One of the symptoms of trauma is feeling helpless. There are things outside our control, but there’s one thing we always do have the power to control, even if we’re not aware of it. It’s the power to respond intentionally using our choice. I call this our superpower.”

“When our past, or our circumstances, are out source, we'll come up short. But if we'll let God be our source, the possibilities are endless.”

“To be beloved of God is to be cherished, precious, loved deeply and unconditionally. My life completely changed when I owned this belovedness.”

“The Biblical seal of ownership is not one that turns us into another’s property, like human trafficking. It’s one of love and relationship. It’s better compared to a betrothal with an engagement ring.”

“Owning my story is also how I gained the boldness to share. Fear of being wrong or judged tried to hold me back. But my story is my story, so what other people think of that, is on them.”

“Knowing your value is vital. It drives our life’s purpose.”

“Knowing you matter gives you the courage to own the chaos in your life.”

“It's your life, you get to decide what to do with it.”

“How we own our mindset will bring abundance or scarcity.”

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