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Hour of the Witch

Chris Bohjalian

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She was sent to the scaffold because she had a sharper tongue and a shrewder mind than her accusers. It is always the case when men hang women.”

“Yes, she thought, revenge belongs to God. But justice? That will be mine.”

“There were people in the world who were good and people who were evil, but most of them were some mixture of both and did what they did simply because they were mortal. And her Lord? ... He knew it all and had known it all and always would know it all.”

“Signs, after all, were everywhere; it was just a question of knowing how to read them.”

“I have heard it argued that prayer does not change God’s mind; rather, it changes us.” “The act.” “Yes, the act.” “I will ponder that idea.”

“there is nothing that frightens that man more than a woman who does not live happily under a man’s thumb.”

“That is where love and lamentation chance upon one another, and that is where we find God.”

“Cruelty may be defined as violence without provocation and discipline that is excessive.”

“And while envy was a mortal sin, it grew rampant in everyone’s soul; it was but a dandelion, a weed that was unstoppable here and one learned to live with. It was a character flaw far less dire than the sort of mean streak that led a man to stab a fork into his wife’s hand.”

“. . . she would convince herself that she wasn’t destined for Hell because in all other ways she led a good life. An exemplary life. And though she understood that works alone could not buy one’s salvation, the fact that she wanted so desperately to behave well was a favorable indication.”

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