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Modern Human's Handbook

Cave Man

Top 10 Best Quotes

“People, don’t commit suicide because they’re weak. They commit suicide because they have no reason to be strong.”

“I think if we were to truly create a utopian society, the first thing we would do to tear it down, just to have a purpose.”

“For some reason, there is this façade that life should be full of happiness and without its suffering. Which, actually makes us suffer even more. Because when we get sad or something bad happens, we do not only feel bad about the thing itself but we also feel bad because our life is not the way it is supposed to be. Not realizing suffering and sadness is just a part of life and they are inevitable.”

“Nothing can affect a person’s mind if he chooses not to be affected by it.”

“If I’m happy because of something -even if that thing persists- my happiness in time vanishes. But if I regret something or become sad about something that sadness or regret can follow me for many years, maybe even to my deathbed.”

“We don’t look at ourselves to see if we are inadequate, we don’t ask ourselves if we are enjoying life. What we do instead is we look at other people and what they do then decide if our life is worth living.”

“Unless you learn your lesson, it will keep hurting. Not only it will never stop, it will also keep increasing the amount, so you won’t get used to it.”

“Time to time you will fail some of your responsibilities. Sometimes they can crush you. In those difficult times, you have to remind yourself that it is better for everybody around you and the world to have a person who is truly trying but failing than doing nothing at all.”

“It is a bad thing to think positively. It makes us weaker by preparing us for the best scenario. I think what we need to know is, no matter how terrible the situation is or we are strong enough to withstand it.”

“If you are lonely, if you have got nobody around you, then turn your loneliness into something. That something should be worth to your loneliness.”

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