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Crazy Messy Beautiful

Carrie Arcos

Top 10 Best Quotes

“And I know it’s scary, man, but you can’t be afraid of the hurt. The hurt is the risk that comes when you really put another person’s heart above your own. When you realize what matters most is not your heart, but someone else’s. Being selfless is the highest form of love.”

“Makes me realize we are all the same in the middle of the night, fighting against the great tide of loneliness that threatens to drown us. All longing for someone to hear, to truly know us as we are.”

“Lately I’ll hear Dad muttering some of the thing Papi used to. My favorite is ‘El que no enucuentra el amor no encuentra nada’. He who does not find love does not find anything.”

“Well, I’m not sure if we’re supposed to understand everything in a poem. I think the point is it’s supposed to hit you on a deeper level, a deeper truth that your soul feels even if your rain can’t understand it.”

“Love is supposed to be a fire, an all-consuming passion that keeps you up at night. A state of being that drives you crazy because you wake to thoughts of her, and end the day, and end the day with the same. Love is marked by sighs and stars. With songs and butterflies that make your stomach flip and flutter when she looks at you. You feel nervous and excited at the same time. You just want to be near her. You don’t even care if you’re doing anything – just sitting next to her is good enough.”

“Love is hard work. People change, grow together, grow apart. I think the real question is whether loving someone is reason enough to forgive the pain they cause you.”

“It’s crazy how much of our life is determined by something we have no control ever.”

“Is this how all love begins and ends? In the quiet torment of the soul? If this is what it’s like to love, I don’t want to ever love someone again.”

“Imitation isn’t just flattery. It’s also a great way to learn. The harder part is leaving imitation and finding your own voice.”

“I know to be patient when it comes to creating a piece of art. It’s not the outcome that matters: it’s the trying. I’ll only get better through failure. Because each time I fail, I learn and I change so that every time I get closer to creating what I see in my head.”

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