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Dreaming of Hiraeth

Bianca Viola

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Somehow the moon still remained, shining its wary life on the world, filled with pain and dread and unspoken secrets.”

“He would choose being alone over being lonely in a crowd.”

“You shine in the dark, and that's harder to do than in the light.”

“Where would they be without each other to hold, to cling onto when the other was falling? Who else would grab and pull the hand of the other who was slipping down a dark hole, with no one else to understand them?”

“We're all in the same boat here, trying to survive.”

“We don't have time, okay? Don't be stupid," I snapped, frustrated. He leaned in, his eyes searching mine. "All we have is time.”

“The world was whole then, the sun and moon together as one.”

“The feeling spreading through us, catching on fire like flames, was vast: It was that of freedom. It echoed through our lungs, tore through our hearts, carried our legs forward.”

“Secrets bind us down yet set us free. Love is like that, too.”

“Secretly, he hoped. He hoped, he hoped, he hoped. For now, that was enough.”

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