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Petals Around The Rose

Bayode Ojo

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Greatness does not approach him who is forever looking down". My eyes are seeing through what the ordinary men call a mirage!”

“The person who floated the axe with a stick is in charge of my affairs, so marvel not.”

“I am not a success if all I do is fit into somebody's prescription; its better to stand out and be celebrated for being a definition. The world would prefer to take the bitter pills of an achiever than the sweet chocolates of a mediocre.”

“I am BETTER everyday because I don't allow BITTER people a chance to LITTER my thought factory with their toxic MATTER. I am a SETTER, a goal GETTER&the MASTER of my game”

“What does it profit man if he allows a nonentity to make him look irrelevant just because he wants to indirectly have him become a life member of the nonentity club? No man can make you less valuable except you enter into agreement with such man. Not all birds with wings have the mastery of soaring high....”

“Staring at the can clock never influence the appointed time that God has ordained for your manifestation. Hold your peace, but don't shift focus.”

“Nobody wants to share in your PAINS, but they think they have a right to partake of your GAINS. Task your BRAIN too and see if it's that easy to enjoy RAIN in dry season.”

“No man has your love at heart, they all pretend to be what they are not. They would rather write you out of relevance and reckoning than recommend you for elevation and prosperity. Your destiny is in your hands and it will take you to scribble boldly what you want the world to read about you....”

“Naturally ENDOWED.....Naturally SUPERIOR!”

“If you don't get disappointed when you raise your expectations; you don't get appointments from where your mind is not!”

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