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Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Alis Cerrahyan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If sincere, an apology is strong enough to uproot anger, bitterness, and grudges instantly. Its benefits are unlimited since they tend to set everyone free!”

“The greatest victory of my life happened the day I finally admitted my limitations and stopped pretending to be someone who walked through life, straight as an arrow, while trying to sweep her flaws into a dark corner, where they would remain out of sight. Though I always knew they were there; I didn’t want others to see them, because their opinion of me was highly important. Keeping them hidden shaped me into someone politically correct and socially acceptable; so I wouldn’t feel like an outsider.”

“Looking back, I now see that I was exaggerating. “Forever” was a big word for a seven-year-old. But feeling unimportant does feel like forever.”

“Challenges come unannounced and uninvited. They often catch us by surprise. They may even take our breath away and cause confusion. But they can also help us develop perseverance, determination, courage, optimism, trust, and faith; none of which will grow without some serious obstacles.”

“Both voice and self are established in early childhood. People who have not been given voice then have the lifelong need to be heard. The self goes under construction with unexpectedly large cost overruns in order to acquire a sense of value and importance.”

“Being judgmental is mainly about us. It has very little to do with the people we judge. The day we accept others just as they are is the day we've managed to accept ourselves just as we are. It's a form of forgiving ourselves.”

“We must pay attention to that quiet and persistent inner voice of ours. If it's urging us to change something; we must obey, so we won't have to repeat a previous mistake.”

“The process of becoming a refugee varies for each person. It’s a journey of defiance and dares; because what each individual leaves behind is entirely different. Their personal goal is unique. Their ability to cope with the unpredictable hasn’t been challenged enough. Nor can they foresee the hand they’ll be dealt. Not everyone receives a strong hand. So, the results are always uncertain. For many, it’s the last game!”

“Our weakest moment is also our finest; because God reveals himself to us during our times of transparency.”

“It is possible to feel sorry for those who have offended us. Though we are their victim temporarily, they seem to be trapped in their chaotic state of mind for life.”

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