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Wild Hunger

Suzanne Wright

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I love you, Taryn," sobbed Greta. "I really do. I should have told you that before." A loud voice overrode the recording. "That is not me." "Greta, it's a video," said Taryn. "We can all see you on it, clear as day." "It's not me," Greta insisted. "Woman, we know what you look like.”

“It ain't over until the fat lady sings." She frowned. "Who is this lady? What does it matter that she's fat? And why does her singing have such importance?”

“You really broke his nose and hit him with a blunt instrument?" "Clawed his face and stabbed him in the lower stomach too," said Frankie. Lydia looked down at her niece in disbelief. "You look so sweet, it's just hard imagining you swinging a hammer at someone's head.”

“It was really a good thing that Frankie Newman had never needed a knight in shining armor, because she’d only ever come across complete idiots wrapped in tinfoil.”

“You sure you want to chance getting shit-faced again? I'd really rather not have to summon a priest.”

“Would you have told me your number?” “Sure. It’s 911—but only dial it in an emergency.”

“There's more than one way to skin a cat." Frankie's brows snapped together. "Why would you want to learn even one way to skin a cat?”

“Sure. It’s 911—but only dial it in an emergency.”

“She straightened in her chair and twisted to face him. “Get ready.” Trick blinked. “For what?” “It should hit us any minute now.” “What do you--” Red-hot arousal slammed into him and flooded his system. Just like that, his blood thickened, his body tightened, and his cock filled to bursting. And then the drive to soothe her disappeared, completely drowned out by the urge to take and claim and mate. He double-blinked. “Fuck.” She swallowed, her mouth suddenly bone-dry. “Yeah, we need to fuck.”

“You’re not only enough for me. You’re everything.”

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