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Sugar and Salt

Susan Wiggs

Top 10 Best Quotes

“They just started throwing these canisters. One of them hit me so I lobbed it back.” “Nothing at all would have hit you if you’d been minding your business.” “And nothing will change if nobody takes action against injustice. Remember when you and Mama took me to hear Dr. King speak? Remember what he said? ‘We die when we refuse to stand up for justice.”

“The proper balance of sugar and salt was the key to perfect barbecue sauce. Of course, when it came to barbecue sauce, everybody had an opinion about the combination of acid, aromatics, fruit, and flavorings---the ineffable umami---that made each bite so satisfying. But Margot Salton knew with utter certainty that it all started with sugar and salt. She'd even named her signature product after it: sugar+salt. This sauce was her superpower. Her secret. Her stock-in-trade. When she'd had nothing---no home, no education, no family, no means of support---she had created the powerful alchemy of flavors that made grown men moan with pleasure, cautious women ignore their diets, and skeptical foodies beg for more.”

“She loved him so much that it hurt. Maybe that was how love worked. If you could handle the pain, you’d find the sweetness.”

“Is she pretty?” That would be a hell yes. Big soft eyes, full pink lips. Legs and tight skirts. And those damn cowboy boots. And the yoga pants and bra top she wore sailing. Long blond hair—-at least he thought it was long; she always kept it wound up and clipped in a messy bun. He’d dated white girls before, a time or two. But never someone that white, from Texas. Or that young. She was what, fifteen years younger, at least. An itty-bitty thing who could throw a grown man to the ground. “Yeah,” he said. “She’s real pretty.”

“you’re not a criminal. Or a victim. You’re a survivor. Love yourself, honey. Love that girl who lost her mama too young and picked the wrong guy and had to fight for herself. Love that girl—because I do.”

“with adoption, your most sacred creation disappears without you. You can’t hold him in your arms, you can’t claw at the boundary between you. It’s . . . a hollowness. Like I’m missing a piece of myself.”

“the administrator was known to be an extreme antichoice activist who insisted that a ball of cells the size of a garbanzo bean should supersede the will of a living, breathing woman.”

“she learned early on that looking pretty wasn’t always an advantage. Sometimes it attracted the wrong kind of attention.”

“remembered that feeling as if she’d tucked it into her backpack and carried it around with her everywhere she went. This was both a blessing and a burden. A blessing, because this love had shown her, ever so briefly, that heaven could be touched. A burden, because it was a reminder of something she had lost.”

“protested that a big majority of Black men were drafted compared to whites. It seemed wrong that men who were still struggling for equality at home were being shipped overseas for a cause most people didn’t even understand.”

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