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All the Dangerous Things

Stacy Willingham

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I had come to think of him as a library book, entering my life on rented time. Something that I could enjoy for a few hours, curled up and comfortable, devouring as much of him as possible before our time was up. And because he wasn't mine, I couldn't scribble in the margins or write my name on the spine; I couldn't leave my mark on him in any discernable way.”

“Maybe you need to stop retracing your footsteps. Maybe you need to try a new path.”

“People tend to stash their dirtiest secrets in the most common of places.”

“And some of these people have secrets. All of them do, really. But some of them have the real ones, the messy ones. The deep, dark, shadowy ones that lurk just beneath the skin, traveling through their veins and spreading like a sickness. Dividing, multiplying, then dividing again. I wonder which ones they are: the ones with the kinds of secrets that touch every organ and render them rotten. The kinds of secrets that will eat them alive from the inside out.”

“tried to tell myself that that was just marriage—an inevitable, slow decay that took place as the years stripped us of our spontaneity and spark—but I didn’t want to accept it. I didn’t want to accept that, only four years in, things had already stalled.”

“should have seen this coming. I’m a storyteller myself, after all, and a storyteller never goes into a story without actually knowing the story. Without having an idea of what it is you want to tell. You don’t go in blind, searching for answers. You have the answers—your answers, at least; the answers you want—and you go in searching for proof.”

“mousey woman in the front row is shaking her head gently, tears in her eyes. She is loving this right now, I know she is. It’s like she’s watching her favorite movie, mindlessly snacking on popcorn as her lips move gently, reciting every word.”

“look in the mirror and I can see it: brown hair, olive skin. The almond shape of our eyes and the lank hang of our arms by our sides, long and skinny, like we don’t quite know where to put them. And now, whoever this new girl is looks like me.”

“know. I know how it looks.” “It looks bad. It looks like, you know, like he doesn’t want to help.”

“doesn’t even realize that I feel like I’m staring straight at us, half a decade ago, when I was the one wrapped in his clothes, making him breakfast. Making him laugh.”

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