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Six Tragedies


Top 10 Best Quotes

“A family formed by crime must be broken by more crime.”

“When things are at their worst, there are no tears.”

“Theseus: What is the crime for which you must pay by death? Phaedra: My life.”

“Truth often harms the one who digs it up.”

“The surest way for those who want to rule is praising moderation, talking of peace and quiet.”

“In times of happiness, no point in shaking things up. But in a time of crisis, the safest thing is change.”

“Ignorance is no cure for suffering.”

“If you gain from a crime, you did it.”

“I think the pinnacle of misfortune is to be forced by chance to want things one should loathe.”

“Restless people often pretend to be calm.”

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