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Somewhere Beneath Those Waves

Sarah Monette

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It is said in those districts that not all the trains which run on the city’s tracks are listed in Metropolitan Transit’s compendious schedule. The residents will tell you that after midnight, on some nights, there will be other trains, trains whose cry is different, the bellow of some great beast fighting for its life. And if you watch those trains go past, behind those bright flickering windows you will see passengers unlike any passengers you have seen when riding the trains yourself: men with wings, women with horns, beast-headed children, fauns and dryads and green-skinned people more beautiful than words can describe. In 1893, a schoolteacher swore that she saw a unicorn; in 1934, a murderer turned himself into the police, weeping, saying that he saw his victims staring at him from a train as it howled past the station platform on which he stood. These are the seraphic trains. The stories say they run to Heaven, Hell, and Faërie. They are omens, but no one can agree on what they portend. And although you will never meet anyone who has seen or experienced it, there are persistent rumors, unkillable rumors, that sometimes, maybe once a century, maybe twice, a seraphic train will stop in its baying progress and open its doors for a mortal. Those who know the story of Thomas the Rhymer—and even some who don’t—insist that all these people, blest or damned as they may be, must be poets.”

“The river runs through the heart of the city, and braiding around and over and under the river, the city’s rail system is a welter of tarnished silver ribbons.”

“Beyond the window, snow fell like frozen drops of poison.”

“Visitors come on two legs, on four, on the sweeping sinuosity of scaled legless bodies. There are perches in front of every exhibit for those who come by wing, whethered feathered or mebranous, and the Museum does its best to accomodate those whose habitual method of locomotion is aquatic.”

“Tonight she understood what the song was trying to say, that the truth was still beautiful, even if it came out of something painful and ugly and heart-breaking.”

“There’s not supposed to be anything left after the end of the world, even if the end of the world doesn’t quite happen.”

“There was something terribly stark in the way she said it, an acknowledgment of the hopelessness of the vampires’ love for the demi-angels, and at the same time a resolute dignity that rejected pity.”

“The tourmaline eyes were both grave and wicked, and Violet felt herself blushing.”

“The man wore black velvet, and on every branch of his wide-spreading antlers a tiny white candle burned serenely, anchored in its own wax. The man’s dark, lambent eyes met Sean’s, and Sean knew, then and ever after, that the stag-headed man understood him and loved him as no one in his life would.”

“The hero wasn’t me, any more than the villain was Harry McLauglin, forty-year-old forest ranger and father of two. We were just the matrices that held the pattern, the straw and clay from which myth was built. And now that we are only straw and clay again, the world does not know what to do with us.”

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